Sous-couverture chauffante électrique SenoKiss, couverture chauffante électrique, tissus lavables – 150X80cm,blanc

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture et indisponible.



Clause de non-garantie

• Length:150cm
• Width: 80
• Weight: 2.3 pounds
• Power 120V
• Heating Control: 3 Heating Levels
•Clean Instructions
Detach control switch(es)before cleaning
Sponge with lukewarm water with neutral wool detergent.Rinse by sponging with clean water.Absorb excess water with towels. LINE DRY
Drape over clothes line. Do not use pegs on heating wires. •HAND WASH
Wash in lukewarm water with neutral wool detergent. Rinse thoroughly in clean water. •MACHINE WASH
Wash on WOOL or DELICATE program. Two minute cycle at 30°C/86°F max. Tumble dry until damp. Then allow to dry full before use.Do not fully dry blanket in tumble dryer.

Do not use if moist or wet.
Do not use by very young children(0-3 years).
Do not dry clean.
Do not iron.
Do not Bleach.
Do not let pets scratch the product.
Never leave the heated blanket unattended.
Never cover the controller during use.