Spray désinfectant Dettol pomme verte (lot de 3)



Parfum:Spring Waterfall

Renshaw’s white ready to roll icing perfect for covering cakes and modelling. Ideal for birthday cake icing and biscuit decorating. Great for birthday, wedding, anniversary and celebration. High quality ready to roll is used by many professional cake makers, chefs and sugar crafters. Storage information – Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Once open, seal in a plastic zip lock bag or container.If you want the perfect medium for decorating your cake then Renshaw?s ready to roll icing is for you. Its uses are many and varied, from a simple white covering for a fruit cake, the bright colours needed for a child?s superhero-themed birthday cake or for complex models and decorations. We know our ready to roll icing will be used for all kinds of wonderfully creative baking endeavours. These 500g packets are perfect for all your baking needs.